Jim Goldman has been our accountant for more than 20 years. There aren’t enough adjectives in the world to describe his value to us and our company. His expertise and knowledge has consistently exceeded our expectations and needs. Very sincerely, we would take our business nowhere else.

Bill Russo and John Russo
Ultra Scientific, Incorporated

It’s very simple. Jim Goldman is an exceptional accountant. He’s knows what he’s doing. His firm has the best reputation. He is who you want.

D’Von Myles
President, Atlantis Comfort Systems Corp.

Jim has been my accountant for my personal, family and business needs for over 25 years. I always appreciate the depth of his knowledge and insight. Jim and his staff have always been accessible when I have an issue, and they have gone above-and-beyond to help resolve them.

Peter M. Oppenheimer, Ph.D.

Jim Goldman and his staff are knowledgeable and professional. I have found them to be extremely helpful. They have the right answers and they know to ask the right questions when asked. I would recommend the firm due to their professionalism and knowledge of their field.

Steve Schofield
President, Printcraft, Inc.

Jim Goldman has been my business and family accountant for over 25 years. That in itself is confirmation of my satisfaction with his knowledge, service, and attention to detail.

My business was a fledgling startup in 1985. I was working six days a week. Bookkeeping and taxes were at the bottom of the list. I relied heavily on my first accountant. I received a notice of a tax audit. He would not attend or even help me prepare for the meeting. At a time when I was seldom taking a paycheck, I was hit with $10,000 in tax penalties. Things he could have prevented with a little attention to my business cost me what was huge at the time.

I do not remember how I stumbled upon Jim. But after my experience, I thoroughly checked his references. One of the key criteria was that he treat my small company like a serious business. My first impression upon meeting him was that he knew his trade and would stay on top of the details.

He took on the challenge even though after looking over my books, he may have had concerns about being paid. He studied my operation and we worked together to revise my accounting system so that it was easy to maintain and gave us up to date information necessary to run a successful business. He kept me out of any tax issues.

Over the years, we had a few business setbacks, but we continued our long term growth. Jim made sure that our systems adapted and frequent financial reviews helped us keep on track. When I sold my business in 2006, the financials and due diligence reports that he generated were well received and helped facilitate a successful sale.

Jim continues to be our family accountant providing not only tax advice but also helping in estate planning. I highly recommend James Goldman without reservation.

Peter Albertsen
East Greenwich, RI

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