Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Going beyond the bottom line.


Goldman & Co., CPAs offers a full range of accounting and business consulting services to help businesses operate more efficiently and profitable.  Contact us to discuss how Goldman & Co., CPAs can help you and your business.

The Right Solution for Each Client

Each person has their own likes and dislikes, and each business has their own strengths and weaknesses.    That’s why we custom tailor our services to each client.  Every business is unique and for each business our accounting solutions are tailored to their specific needs.

At Goldman & Co., CPAs we know that your goals and your financial situation are special to you and to no one else.  That’s why we listen to our clients and create the right solutions that meet their unique needs.

It’s All about You. There’s More to Accounting than Numbers

It’s more than just the numbers, it’s about you.   It’s about your ambitions and goals, your strengths, your opportunities, and financial stability for today and financial security for your later years.  It’s more than an engagement.  It’s a working partnership.  It’s providing you with the resources and tools you need to better manage your business.  And more than just numbers it’s a framework of the items needed for success and the access to information and resources you need to create and sustain a successful business.

Our objective is to be a resource in helping your business prosper.  Whether we are compiling your financial statements, installing software and technology to record financial activity or providing reports that best analyze your financial information, we complete our work timely and efficiently at a fair and reasonable cost.

Closely-Held Business Owners are the Entrepreneurs of Today’s Businesses.

As a closely-held business you face all the complexities of owning a business, ever increasing competition, cash flow needs, spiraling costs and many other daily issues.  Regardless of whether you’re a restaurant owner, a contractor, or a small business owner, the ability to face these challenges and issues with innovation and the right solutions means the difference between success and failure.

At Goldman & Co., CPAs we know you want sound business accounting advice, timely service, and professionals who have the skills and knowledge to be your trusted advisors for you and your business.  We are here to help you make the right decisions.  We provide solutions and strategies to overcome the problems and issues of a closely-held business.  Our goal is to help you maximize your bottom line and minimize your taxes.

Our Services Include

  • Audited financial statements
  • Reviewed financial statements
  • Compiled financial statements
  • Projected and forecasted financial statements
  • Personal financial statements
  • Bookkeeping/Write-up services
  • Cash flow and budgeting analysis
  • Preparation of financial statements on an annual, quarterly, monthly basis, as needed by client
  • Designing, training, and maintenance of accurate record-keeping systems

For additional information contact Jim Goldman, CPA at [email protected] or call (401) 781-4200.

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