What To Do If You Can’t File On Time

You can get an automatic extension until O October 15, 2016 to file your tax return.  All that’s necessary is that you notify the IRS by filing Form 4868 no later than April 15, 2016.

Important:  An extension of your filing date is not an extension of the time when you must pay your taxes.  You must estimate the amount of tax you owe and attach a check for that amount to Form 4868 and mail it by April 15.  If you don’t pay your tax until the extended due date, you’ll be charged interest and penalties for the late payment.

Try to estimate your tax as accurately as you can.  If you underestimate your tax bill, you’ll be charged interest on the underestimated amount, and if you underestimate by more than 10%, you’ll be charged a penalty as well as interest.

You generally cannot get a filing extension beyond six months, but there may be an exception if you are living out of the country.